From Zero to ICO

The Do-It-Yourself Guide To A Cryptocurrency Token Sale In 14 Days

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Planning to launch an ICO? Have a great idea for a crypto token? Looking to raise money for your idea using a cryptocurrency?

Make no mistake, the opportunity is real. Initial coin offerings (ICO) and token sales are a democratic way to raise money for the truly good ideas and startups. Even Silicon Valley venture capitalists are worried because ICOs mean they don't get to pick the winners anymore... But the world of blockchain-based finance is still new, and it can be dauntingly complex.

The new book "From Zero to ICO" is the Do-It-Yourself guide that walks you through the maze and ensures you'll get your token sale running smoothly, all by yourself. Take control of your destiny and create your own token sale in just 14 days. And don't worry if you don't already know what Ethereum is or what is a coin security — this book is meant for everyone. The book includes a hands-on tutorial and common sense explanations of the technology, so you won't get stuck on terminology. Unlike random online sources you'd find on Google, everything is guaranteed to be up-to-date and relevant.

Topics include:

  • Blockchain — What does your coin do, and how should it work?
  • A security or a utility token? — Who can invest, and how can you control and expand that?
  • Taxation and company structure — Do you need a company? Where to incorporate? What is the ICO from an accounting perspective?
  • Hands-on Ethereum primer — A step-by-step tutorial to creating an Ethereum token, creating smart contracts, and managing your accounts
  • Hands-on with Stellar — the hottest new ICO platform for 2018
  • Make it safe — Security overview, and a vital checklist for launch
  • Marketing — How to find people interested in your coin, grow your community and manage their expectations
  • After the ICO — Your coin and community can do some great things! You have the power now.
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